Aug 31, 2011


August 2011:

Domestic Dubstep has acknowledged this whole dubstep + chore thing since January. DUBVAC came out in February... Now the onslaught of mainstreamers will take over and we'll be forced to curate and catalog rather than compete and converse.

Aug 12, 2011


According to Reddit, this dude just got back from the front lines in Afghanistan. This footage was taken after his welcome home party. I don't know if that makes this video any better for readers, but I recently went to a dubstep concert with a marine and all I can say is, dubstep and armed forces go together like peanut butter & jelly (too dated), peas & carrots (Forest Gump? That's weak) Adderall and cigarettes (too druggy)...hmm...well let's just say that I like the pairing and you should too.

Jun 27, 2011

Transformers Trailer With Dubstep Remix

Studio executives, producers, and agents, can we get dubstep producers to redo the scores to all the Michael Bay films. Except The Rock...because that movie's perfect. This trailer will show why:

Jun 3, 2011

Dubstep Infiltrates Movie Trailers

Hollywood Discovers Noises Once Reserved for Household Appliances/Whales

The latest trend in movie trailers is to include this noise that sounds very similar to the types of tones we commonly associate with the Dubstep genre.

Listen to the noise that begins at 1:15 in this Planet of the Apes trailer and you'll hear it:

Or listen to the intro of this trailer:

And to continue with the Transformers/Dubstep, remember that Super Bowl Trailer?

Looking Ahead

In three or four years, basically once the fad is completely played out and totally unoriginal, corporations will begin to catch on...Video game trailers will look like this:

Skrillex will become the most sought after composer for music/tv and his tracks will be featured extensively in trailers for years to come:

May 2, 2011

Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBDEAD

DomesticDubstep presents the tale of Osama Bin Laden's recent assassination.

This video depicts the progression of the US War on Terror, beginning with the attacks on 9/11 and followed by the ensuing War on Terror.

The best part is that it is set to Skrillex's infamous remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill".

Apr 27, 2011

Get Featured On Domestic Dubstep

Do you want popularity or street cred? Then submit a video to Domestic Dubstep today!

1. Do something domestic. It could be anything. Washing dishes, repairing a door hinge, vacuuming a coffee table, watering flowers, frying steak, waxing a car, beating your wife, etc. (that last suggestion was a joke).

2. Set it to Dubstep music. It could be anything. The latest Mt. Eden remix, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, Caspa, Skrillex, Datsik, Skream, Benga, whatever.

3. Share the xperience with the community through video. Send in submissions to and we'll have our intern contact you to handle logistics.

Apr 23, 2011

Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBDOG

Dog meets Dubstep in this gritty backyard mashup. With Skrillex and 12th Planet's "Needed Change" accompanying the antics of everyone's favorite chocolate lab, Plato, DUBDOG is icing on the cake that is DUBDOG AFTERNOON.


Why is a blog about dubstep now obsessing over man's best friend? Have we sold out? Is Dubstep over? Did Brostep conquer it? Well, no. It's just that dogs are super domestic and therefore good for our brand. According to Wikipedia, "The dog was the first animal to be domesticated, and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and companion animal in human history." Also, our marketing intern Steve found out that there's a super high demand for dogs + dubstep. And since dogs are nearly synonymous with domesticity, it's only fair that we feature them in our first ever Saturday Afternoon featurette, aptly titled DUBDOG AFTERNOON.

Apr 22, 2011

Rusko Takes on Brostep

East London DJ and Dubstep visionary Rusko is not one for taking the path of least resistance. So his words on the "BroStep" phenomenon do not surprise us here at DD. So what exactly is Brostep?

"Brostep is characterized by the preference of mid-range frequencies over those of the low end, a massive amount of wobble, an aggressive ‘feel’ to the music and an impatient, almost frantic style of delivery. More drum and bass-influenced than dub-influenced (as is the case with dubstep), brostep is tinged with scrapes of heavy metal and has a jumpier, ravey vibe with very little sub-bass weight."

Brostep is apparently "known as hard and horny raw dong music for sweaty males to 'bro out' to." Its  also a bridge for dubstep newbs who want to make the crossover from Warped Tour music to EDM. Its much "more accessible than its predecessor, and is heartily looked down upon by Old School dubstep enthusiasts who regularly fill over a dozen pages on anytime anyone mentions the word brostep, with many heads calling for an outright ban on the New School name. Brostep is viewed as being very American, from the gutter, and ruining dubstep’s reputation by the minute – which it probably is."

Brostep is a total scene. I once heard people trying to argue that Emalkay's infamous "When I Look at You" was brostep. Well it's not at all. It has a slow build up, it's deep, it's emotional and "when you listen to it - it's more than just a "'OMG Bro! Let's dance to this and have fun and Mosh!' kind of track. It's made with a musical mindset rather than that of a raver's. That's what separates brostep from the rest, it's the pop of the dubstep world. It's made to please the masses and give people those few minutes of fun-time while they are out. It's not meant to be thought provoking or emotional or traditionally 'musical.'"

Brosteppers simply appropriate some of the dubstep genre's filthiest tracks and say, "Hey you old school dubsteppers, this is ours, this shit is Brostep, not dubstep." And Dubsteppers will be like, "Hey you bros. This is our music. We take the good and the bad. We don't like the bad shit but it doesn't mean we're going to consider it another entirely separate genre. Brostep is just a separatist movement within our genre that demands innovation through speed and tone."And then Brosteppers are like, "Hey I just want to mosh/dance you hippie. Take your nerdy music theory stuff somewhere else."

Do you like Brostep?
Is Dubstep outdated?
Should Domestic Dubstep rebrand itself? Domestic Brostep?
If a bro asked you to dance, would you say yes/no?


Apr 12, 2011

Welcome Back Rusko

Everyday - Rusko

Rhythmic, repetitive, groovy. This is Rusko at his finest, proving he can make a catchy jingle with a random sample and boatloads of knowledge on how to make people want to dance. Compared to his former partner in crime Caspa, Rusko is a much more dynamic artist. He's always been the one bridging the gap between dubstep and mainstream, "Everyday" just does it best.

Original cell phone picture we converted into marketing materials for a fictitious DomesticDubstep & Rusko Official Partnership, Photo Credit: Adrian Williamson, 2011.

Apr 11, 2011

Zelda on Dubstep: About Time

They Should Call It the mOcarina of Grime...

Apr 6, 2011

Dubstep -> Visualized

So this guy, SaladUK, just takes sweet videos, mashes them up with Dubstep trax and they sometimes look awesome. For evidence, watch the Lakai Fully Flared intro, which he mashed up with an Original Sin & Taxman track entitled "Take No More."

Skate videos + Dubstep = So filthy that I need one of those surgical masks that Asian people wore when SARS was all the rage.


Mar 7, 2011

Viral Video Remix - Dubstep Grandfather

This is a video of a grandpa dancing to dubstep. The popular version of this video features the same video footage with music that claims to be dustep. But it wasn't. This is a shout-out to the person who corrected the mistake.

Mar 1, 2011


Domestic Dubstep was recently invited to a brunch, courtesy of Michael Cavicchi and the boys of 7 Fairmount. Luckily, our cameras happened to be rolling. Stay tuned for a sick video of some of one filthy sick meal, consisting of fresh-brewed coffee, home-fries, and scrambled eggz. Oh and if you scroll down a tad, you can preview the song DUBBRUNCH will feature (Back Down by Helicopter Showdown).

(CAUTION: If you're new to dubstep, or you don't like anything too, too wobbly, I kindly ask you to press "Back" on your browser and pretend you never visited this site. In fact here's a link to that new, super-cool Skream song).

Feb 28, 2011

Dubstep! Crane Room! Midnight! Oh my...

First this....

WOhhhh...Dis baby cAn seriously ch0w d0wn while getting d0wn. SICK DOOD!

We here at DomeDub found this gem after checking out posts on the wall to this sweet facebook event. It actually looks like Midnight is making another valiant effort to put together a sweet event. Too bad the facebook event pages are more fun than the events themselves.

Here are some problems with dubstep nightz in Crane:
  • It feels like a highschool dance minus all the cool kids you went to highschool with who were at least ballsy enough to bring in flasks and J's into classroom facilities. Tufts doesn't accept those kinds of shady characters and even the ones who still manage to get in are not wasting their friday night at on-campus "party".
  • Not loud enough. Anyone can blast music, but to get concert-level wobbley bass filth vibrations, you need a lot of subwoofers. Like more than regular speakers. Plus the Crane room happens to be unreasonably huge and have shitty acoustics so idk...good luck. 
  • Cool people only like listening to dubstep in their houses ironically while doing chores or random inane tasks. They also like at when they're at a sick concert, the bass is wobbling peoplez' bladders like the time just before you pee your pants on the tilt-o-whirl when you were 6, and they're surrounded by other cool peoplez who are also seriously into the music and not just fans because they're ironic hipsters searching for the missing ingredient to their personal brand. 
Wrap up questions: 
    Do you like Dubstep?
    Will you attend Midnight (at Tufts)?
    Is Dubstep "over" now that everyone likes it?
    Do you think it's possible to forge a social clique out of musical tastes? 
    Who would you invite to come play at Tufts if you wanted people to like you?
    If you attend this event, will you add it to your dubstep show résumé to show how trend-savvy you are?

    Feb 27, 2011

    Pendulum Gets Remixed By Emalkay

    Emalkay recently released a filthy remix of Pendulum's hit track "Watercolour." Integrate this song into your next chore and see results instantly! Feel free to record it.

    Feb 26, 2011

    Benefits of Dubstep

    Domestic Dubstep thanks user MarcoPolo for pointing us to his most recent messageboard post. In it, MarcoPolo explains the appeal of dubstep:

    "Dubstep is a financially-advantageous sonic structure which resonates the limbic frequencies of the hindbrain and aligns your root chakra with the 12th vibratory imprint emanating from the galactic core. Scientists, poets, and my neighborhood trashman are in professional agreement that Dubstep decreases your risks of colon cancer, cleans your teeth & gums of tartar buildup, and makes a great improvised parachute if you happen to be plummeting from a great height. It stays crunchy in milk, and contains Electrolytes™.

    Hence, Halliburton and its supporting organization (The US Government) have decreed in their 2007 year-end report that Dubstep will be the new marching music of the American Military in all subsequent peacekeeping missions, except where a full-moon is involved, as during full-moons dubstep turns ordinary Marines into were-wolves and Deepak Chopra readers into were-ferrets." 


    Also if you have yet to download Flux Pavilion's classic track "I Can't Stop," do it now: 
    Mediafire download link

    Feb 24, 2011

    Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBHOUSE

    Walk into the dubbiest house in the Medford / Somerville area. I dare you. Just don't be surprised to find a scene similar to the one documented in the above video. We here at Domestic Dubstep understand what it's like when an entire house succumbs to dubstep. With no one left to maintain an even keel, things start going crazy. Think Ancient Rome right before it's collapse (Is it a coincidence that Nero was also an insane emperor who went crazy and contributed to the empire's eventual collapse?) Needless to say, this is a mecca for any true dubstepper, especially those who don't mind looking like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown because after you leave DUBHOUSE, you're going to be filthy.

    Feb 22, 2011

    Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBVAC

    Q: What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?

    A: Where you put the dirtbag.

    Yeah, Domestic Dubstep is getting dirtier every day, especially with these kinds of jokes now getting posted routinely by our intern Stephen (Stephen cut it out!). Even the DUBVAC featured in this video can't suck up the amount of dirt that's gettting flung at us. So keep checking out the blog and submitting your videos of nice domestic activities getting made filthy by some serious dubstep.

    Special thanks to Mark Simons, Drew Walker, and Riley Griffin for being such sports in this smokeout of a video. Domestic Dubstep is happy to see that you're keeping it real, sucking up the hate, and spewing out ultra filthy videos of carpet getting clean.

    Feb 21, 2011

    DUBVAC is Coming

    Stay tuned folks. The next vid is gonna really suck! (like filthy suck)

    Feb 20, 2011

    Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBCAKE

    Dirtier than the bottom of the porta-potty at a construction site, filthier than the scabies that line Courtney Love's snatch, comes this dank video: DUBCAKE. We here at DomeDub are all super excited about today's launch, which features a video created by our resident visionaries Nick Gang and Ross Solomon at their in-house studio. Officially titled "Ya Mutha's Mutha's Pride and Joy dubSPREADin," this video brings dubstep back into the kitchen yet again for some knife-spreadin' sloppiness.  Hope you like blue cheese because this stuff is moldy.

    DUBCAKE is Coming!


    DomesticDubstep's inbox just got a little bit filthier. Apparently the boys over at Gang/Solomon Productions are baking up a disgusting little viddy featuring some dank trax (Zeds Dead?!) and ill-nasty kitchen dance moves. Spread it baby.

    Feb 19, 2011

    Domestic Dubstep Presents: DUBSHAKE

    Imagine a world where our blenders really wobbled. DD presents DUBSHAKE (in Hi-Def).

    DomeDub's First Ever User-Submitted Video ft. Alpacas!

    Kevin Lipman, a DJ by night and Tufts University student by day apparently loves tending to his family-owned-and-operated alpaca farm. When he realized he could set his animals' movements to dubstep, he nearly had an aneurism.

    I think it's safe to say that for most blogs, the Excision and Downlink track would be filthy enough. But when combined with some sick footy of a pack of wild Alpacas and this video's grime level is taken to a whole new level. Featuring a dog trampling, a loogie, and a fleet of unified marching alpacas, I feel bad for anyone who confuses these beasts for llamas. Thanks for the video Kevin! Your flea-ridden swamp dankness of a video fully warrants the honor.

    Feb 13, 2011

    DUBSHAKE is Coming

    Just wanted to let people know that the first submission to Domestic Dubstep will involve pure, filthy dubstep with a frothy protein shake.

    Feb 10, 2011


    The site is finally live, I'd just like to thank Riley Griffin, Mark Simons, Drew Walker, Ross Solomon, Nick Gang, Adrian Williamson, Vicky Cai, Tim Nelson, Brendan Hawkins, Kara Miranda, Maximus Marderius, and Sam Costello for encouraging me to get this thing off the ground. Now we finally have a site dedicated to the millions of ways Dubstep makes any inane task or responsibility that much better.

    1. Do something domestic. It could be anything. Washing dishes, vacuuming a coffee table, watering flowers, frying steak, whatever.

    2. Set it to Dubstep music. It could be anything. The latest Mt. Eden remix, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, Caspa, Skrillex, Datsik, Skream, Benga, whatever.

    3. Tell me, CJ Saraceno, about it through video, sound, or music. Send in submissions to the site's own email account: