Feb 19, 2011

DomeDub's First Ever User-Submitted Video ft. Alpacas!

Kevin Lipman, a DJ by night and Tufts University student by day apparently loves tending to his family-owned-and-operated alpaca farm. When he realized he could set his animals' movements to dubstep, he nearly had an aneurism.

I think it's safe to say that for most blogs, the Excision and Downlink track would be filthy enough. But when combined with some sick footy of a pack of wild Alpacas and this video's grime level is taken to a whole new level. Featuring a dog trampling, a loogie, and a fleet of unified marching alpacas, I feel bad for anyone who confuses these beasts for llamas. Thanks for the video Kevin! Your flea-ridden swamp dankness of a video fully warrants the honor.

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