Aug 31, 2011


August 2011:

Domestic Dubstep has acknowledged this whole dubstep + chore thing since January. DUBVAC came out in February... Now the onslaught of mainstreamers will take over and we'll be forced to curate and catalog rather than compete and converse.

Aug 12, 2011


According to Reddit, this dude just got back from the front lines in Afghanistan. This footage was taken after his welcome home party. I don't know if that makes this video any better for readers, but I recently went to a dubstep concert with a marine and all I can say is, dubstep and armed forces go together like peanut butter & jelly (too dated), peas & carrots (Forest Gump? That's weak) Adderall and cigarettes (too druggy)...hmm...well let's just say that I like the pairing and you should too.