Mar 7, 2011

Viral Video Remix - Dubstep Grandfather

This is a video of a grandpa dancing to dubstep. The popular version of this video features the same video footage with music that claims to be dustep. But it wasn't. This is a shout-out to the person who corrected the mistake.

Mar 1, 2011


Domestic Dubstep was recently invited to a brunch, courtesy of Michael Cavicchi and the boys of 7 Fairmount. Luckily, our cameras happened to be rolling. Stay tuned for a sick video of some of one filthy sick meal, consisting of fresh-brewed coffee, home-fries, and scrambled eggz. Oh and if you scroll down a tad, you can preview the song DUBBRUNCH will feature (Back Down by Helicopter Showdown).

(CAUTION: If you're new to dubstep, or you don't like anything too, too wobbly, I kindly ask you to press "Back" on your browser and pretend you never visited this site. In fact here's a link to that new, super-cool Skream song).