Jun 27, 2011

Transformers Trailer With Dubstep Remix

Studio executives, producers, and agents, can we get dubstep producers to redo the scores to all the Michael Bay films. Except The Rock...because that movie's perfect. This trailer will show why:

Jun 3, 2011

Dubstep Infiltrates Movie Trailers

Hollywood Discovers Noises Once Reserved for Household Appliances/Whales

The latest trend in movie trailers is to include this noise that sounds very similar to the types of tones we commonly associate with the Dubstep genre.

Listen to the noise that begins at 1:15 in this Planet of the Apes trailer and you'll hear it:

Or listen to the intro of this trailer:

And to continue with the Transformers/Dubstep, remember that Super Bowl Trailer?

Looking Ahead

In three or four years, basically once the fad is completely played out and totally unoriginal, corporations will begin to catch on...Video game trailers will look like this:

Skrillex will become the most sought after composer for music/tv and his tracks will be featured extensively in trailers for years to come: