Go here if you're looking for the cleanest injection of straight filth. There's nothing quite like scrolling through endless DJ Set graphics set against a limitless black background. Dubstep.fm, sick radio station, provider of track listings, and supplier of download links to individual releases.

Sub FM
Not my favorite link in the DubRoll, Sub FM is the premiere radio station of all things bassy: Dubstep, Future Garage, 2 step, Grime, UKG, Dub, UK Funky, Juke, Wonk. 

Dubstep Forum
The flagship fanboy station. "Sick dood" chat about dubstep that is filthy. 

The Hype Machine 
HYPEM HYPEM apply directly to the headphones HYPEM HYPEM

Grassroots blog run by Byrne, Kaffepige, and Luftpiraten.  Sick dubstep, updated often enough to be good. Also, it's a clean looking site.

the Dubstep Directory.
The Dubstep Directory is an aggregator of all things dubby so that its easy to "find and contact promoters, labels, radio stations, etc so that dubstep djs and producers and can fully expose there skills and market/spread their music effectively."