Feb 28, 2011

Dubstep! Crane Room! Midnight! Oh my...

First this....

WOhhhh...Dis baby cAn seriously ch0w d0wn while getting d0wn. SICK DOOD!

We here at DomeDub found this gem after checking out posts on the wall to this sweet facebook event. It actually looks like Midnight is making another valiant effort to put together a sweet event. Too bad the facebook event pages are more fun than the events themselves.

Here are some problems with dubstep nightz in Crane:
  • It feels like a highschool dance minus all the cool kids you went to highschool with who were at least ballsy enough to bring in flasks and J's into classroom facilities. Tufts doesn't accept those kinds of shady characters and even the ones who still manage to get in are not wasting their friday night at on-campus "party".
  • Not loud enough. Anyone can blast music, but to get concert-level wobbley bass filth vibrations, you need a lot of subwoofers. Like more than regular speakers. Plus the Crane room happens to be unreasonably huge and have shitty acoustics so idk...good luck. 
  • Cool people only like listening to dubstep in their houses ironically while doing chores or random inane tasks. They also like at when they're at a sick concert, the bass is wobbling peoplez' bladders like the time just before you pee your pants on the tilt-o-whirl when you were 6, and they're surrounded by other cool peoplez who are also seriously into the music and not just fans because they're ironic hipsters searching for the missing ingredient to their personal brand. 
Wrap up questions: 
    Do you like Dubstep?
    Will you attend Midnight (at Tufts)?
    Is Dubstep "over" now that everyone likes it?
    Do you think it's possible to forge a social clique out of musical tastes? 
    Who would you invite to come play at Tufts if you wanted people to like you?
    If you attend this event, will you add it to your dubstep show résumé to show how trend-savvy you are?

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