Feb 26, 2011

Benefits of Dubstep

Domestic Dubstep thanks user MarcoPolo for pointing us to his most recent messageboard post. In it, MarcoPolo explains the appeal of dubstep:

"Dubstep is a financially-advantageous sonic structure which resonates the limbic frequencies of the hindbrain and aligns your root chakra with the 12th vibratory imprint emanating from the galactic core. Scientists, poets, and my neighborhood trashman are in professional agreement that Dubstep decreases your risks of colon cancer, cleans your teeth & gums of tartar buildup, and makes a great improvised parachute if you happen to be plummeting from a great height. It stays crunchy in milk, and contains Electrolytes™.

Hence, Halliburton and its supporting organization (The US Government) have decreed in their 2007 year-end report that Dubstep will be the new marching music of the American Military in all subsequent peacekeeping missions, except where a full-moon is involved, as during full-moons dubstep turns ordinary Marines into were-wolves and Deepak Chopra readers into were-ferrets." 


Also if you have yet to download Flux Pavilion's classic track "I Can't Stop," do it now: 
Mediafire download link

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