Apr 27, 2011

Get Featured On Domestic Dubstep

Do you want popularity or street cred? Then submit a video to Domestic Dubstep today!

1. Do something domestic. It could be anything. Washing dishes, repairing a door hinge, vacuuming a coffee table, watering flowers, frying steak, waxing a car, beating your wife, etc. (that last suggestion was a joke).

2. Set it to Dubstep music. It could be anything. The latest Mt. Eden remix, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, Caspa, Skrillex, Datsik, Skream, Benga, whatever.

3. Share the xperience with the community through video. Send in submissions to DomesticDubstep@gmail.com and we'll have our intern contact you to handle logistics.

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